Year 7 Camp 2020

On the 4th February Year 7s ‘jumped’ onto the coaches and left school, spending over an hour before we reached the Peter Snell Youth Village in Whangaparāoa.

At the camp we first put down our luggage and went straight to an activity…in different groups. All of us were involved in a range of activities, such as the Water Slide; Orienteering; the beach; the Confidence Course and an Initiative Course. This was exhilarating but also tiring. Soon we came back to the main building to have our lunch.

After that, we went to even more activities and time passed so quickly it was time for dinner before we knew it!  The aroma of the food was as delicious as the taste. After dinner, everyone went on the Burma Trail. We held on to the rope, followed the rope through a dark forest of twists and turns, while closing our eyes. Some people wore a blindfolds while others walked alongside with their eyes open, as guides.

Rather than all falling calmly to sleep we lay wide awake being ‘rambunctious’. However, the activities of the day had made us tired and we all quickly fell asleep.

The next day was just as exciting – almost better than the day before.  Sadly, it all ended far too soon and we shuffled back onto the bus and back to our families.

By Vidur, Allan and Nicolas (7STA)



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