Year 7 Camp

On the 7th and 8th of February, 120 eager Year 7 students set off on the inaugural ACG Parnell Year 7 Camp. The camp took place at the Peter Snell Youth Village on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. The students (along with some brave volunteer teachers and parents) jumped on 4 buses and headed north on Thursday morning. The buses were abuzz with excitement and anticipation! Upon arrival, gear was quickly dropped into cabins and we were given a briefing by the amazing staff at the camp about what the day would entail. Soon after, students split off in their groups and started to make their way around the various activities. The camp allowed students the opportunity to try so many new and fun activities. These included orienteering, paint ball sling shot, the water slide, archery, cooking on hobo stoves, the confidence course, Frisbee golf, climbing wall, the initiative course and more! Students enjoyed being challenged and taken outside of their comfort zone; learning new skills and meeting people from across the year group were also positives of the experience. The highlight of Day One would have to be seeing the principal, Mr Brooke, brave the waterslide! After dinner that night, students headed off to the Burma trail where some students were blindfolded and led through the path by their peers. Again, this offered an opportunity to bond and to develop trust amongst each other. After a decent night’s sleep (for some at least), students spent the morning of Day Two enjoying the activities they hadn’t gotten to on Day One. Before we knew it, the camp was drawing to a close. Pizza for lunch, clean-up of the camp, and back on the buses we went. A special thanks to Mrs Lisa Chamberlain whose hard work in planning this camp absolutely paid off – what a great start to 2019 for the Year 7 cohort!

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