Year 9 Camp

Year 9 camp was a time for all of us to get together and have some fun. From my experience, the two best activities to do were walking to the waterfall and abseiling.

Walking to the waterfall was a time for us to help each other and enjoy the scenery. We started the track on flat ground, but eventually it started to go uphill. Everyone was making their way up the hill higher and higher. Then the teacher told us that we missed the path and everyone had to slide down the hill! Once we reached the waterfall, some of us got in the water before we made our way back to the bus.

The second most fun activity was abseiling. We made our way to the cliff and everyone got their gear on. A few people went to the top and abseiled down. The instructors were very helpful and reassured us.  One person didn’t want to go down at first, but then he gained the confidence to make his way down the cliff. We all cheered him on and congratulated him when he had finished. Then it was back to camp for dinner.

Year 9 camp was fun and people had a good time!

By Emilia Borsi Korkman

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