Year 9 – Mates and Dates workshops

ACG Parnell College has chosen to participate in ACC’s school-based healthy relationships programme called Mates & Dates.  ACC has developed Mates & Dates to help prevent dating and sexual violence and that organisation has worked with the Ministry of Education to ensure the programme aligns with curriculum.  An expert advisory group has been used to develop the content.  The programme will be taught to Year 9 students and the content will be appropriate for that age group.  Specialist sexual violence prevention programme facilitators will be the presenters over four sessions.  These will begin after the exam period is finished.  Mates & Dates will teach each student how to have healthy relationships built on respect, negotiation and consent.  It will teach them how to identify inappropriate behaviour and how to get help if they, or someone they know, are in an unhealthy relationship including how to safely intervene in situations that could lead to harm.  The programme is not a sex education programme but will include material and discussions about sexual relationship violence, consent, dating, relationships, pornography and other related subject matter.  Recently all Year 9 students were issued with a letter to take home to parents and caregivers containing further details.  For further information about Mates & Dates relating to helping young people have healthy relationships please see


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