Young Enterprise 2018

This year we have two groups who have been working extremely hard to develop a variety of products. They have already learnt so much and are taking an incredible journey where they can run their own business as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme. Congratulations on all of your hard work to date, teams, and particularly to Aurora for coming 2nd place in a mini competition for Central Auckland. As part of Young Enterprise the teams need to compete in mini competitions in addition to presenting their ideas to local business people. They participated in a Dragons Den style pitch and were questioned about their business model. We are still awaiting the results for this but are extremely happy with their efforts.

Little Leaf:
‘Little Leaf is a student-run business that was created as part of the Lion Foundation’s Young Enterprise Scheme. Little Leaf aims to bring vegan bubble tea to consumers all over Auckland in an attempt offer a dairy free and plant-based alternative to this sweet and much-loved beverage. Team members are Year 13’s: Angela Wang and Emily Zeng, who thought of the idea through personal experiences and observing current social trends regarding food amongst students. This bubble tea is almond based and consists of very few ingredients making this drink as simple, natural and enjoyable as possible.

We have been lucky enough to sell at Parnell Farmers’ Markets and are, in the future, aiming for supermarkets such as New World and Farro. Our favourite part in the process has been getting hands on and actually making our product, as well as promoting it through popular social media such as our instagram page. We spent a great deal of time preparing and rehearsing for our business pitch at AUT and were really pleased with how we performed.

Our Company:
We are a group of seven Year 12 students that have taken a different approach to the Young Enterprise Scheme. We have decided to become a social enterprise company and through this we have a real opportunity to help people around the world. We are a dedicated team wanting to see this business succeed and to create a sense of comfort to those who are not as fortunate as us.

Our Product:
Brave Box is a resource we intend to deliver to people in poverty, composed of a range of several life-altering devices including…
Number one: a water bottle with a carbon filter, as we recognise that in Sub-Saharan Africa alone 800 million people don’t have access to clean water. We are also working on including iodine tablets. Two: a mosquito net. This is to help fight against the annual 400 million cases of malaria. It is to be used in conjunction with the net for extra protection.  We also make our own bug spray using organic witch hazel, citronella and eucalyptus oils to ward off mosquitoes as insecticide-treated mosquito nets can reduce child mortality rates by up to 20%. We in addition include 25 antibacterial wipes and washable sanitary cloth pads. Item number six: condoms. The AIDS epidemic killed nearly 1.2 million people in 2016 alone – we promote safe sex by providing durex extra safe condoms and universal instructions through images on how to use them. We also acknowledge the impact of poverty on mental health and so as a way to escape a harsh reality and calm the mind we include a bouncy ball and an introduction to meditation in the Brave Booklet. And finally, The Brave Booklet, which features a description of each of the items in the box in English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish and Hindi. This comes complete with pictures as we realise the importance of being able to communicate with a global audience.

Dragon’s Den Experience:
Earlier this term we had the chance to present a pitch of our product to the Young Enterprise Scheme judges. It was an exhilarating experience and each member from our team had to carry out their stressful jobs and responsibilities. The overall contribution led to the successful complement of the product pitch. All of the judges said they really enjoyed our presentation and believed we would make further achievements. They asked a few questions about our production plan and the deep meaning of our brand name “Aurora”. These judges showed a great interest in our Brave Box and kindly gave us suggestions about where to sell to in the future. One of them even said she would like to introduce our product to BNZ – the company she works for. Currently, we are preparing to have multiple meetings to consider our selling plan and future progress.

Future Progression: 
In the future, we hope to develop the Brave Box into a global product for an even wider range of users. We will do this by connecting with more volunteer groups (which is something we are already working on) that have contact with a range of different regions of the world. We will also produce specialised boxes with edited contents that can be country specific or tailored to types of groups – an example is a Brave Box for homeless people.

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